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Superman With a GoPro


Blind Ref – Official Trailer (Will Smith Movie)

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Dave Barnes – Karate Lessons


I Love My Church

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Sermon Jams

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You’re Revolutionary

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You’re a Reformer

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Fear Not

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Jesus is Better – Caleb and Sol

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Memorizing Scripture – John Piper

Music Videos

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The Digital Age – Captured

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Mediator by Ghost Ship

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I Am Mountain | Gungor

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Wake Up Sleeper – Gungor

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Switchfoot – Who We Are

Spoken Word

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Worth the Wait | @whatisjoedoing


GUILTY! (spoken word) | @ickthys @chaseGod

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Why Some Christians Are Actually Thieves

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The Story of God


Is Justice Worth It?

Clips that teach

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The Thread

The Gift

Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes

This is Discipleship

Finishing The Race



YS Idea Lab – Jonathan McKee: How To Get Your Teenagers Talking

Calling vs. Career

Fun in Youth Ministry

Summer Youth Ministry

Discipling Girls


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Have you ever wondered about God?

The Choices We Make


Out of Control

Worship Intro


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Heavy Bass 5 Minute Countdown

Church Pre-service Opener Video

In it To Win It (Minute To Win It Look alike) Countdown

5 minute countdown to worship

3 min Countdown – Rain

Church Service Intro

HD 5 Minute Countdowns (Over 20 of them!)

Are you smarter than a kids Sunday School class?

Church Music (Dance!) 4 Minute Countdown

Funny Countdown Video


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Have you ever wondered about God?

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The Choices We Make

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Out of Control

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Worship Intro

Video Curriculums


PREPOSTEROUS (FREE) Small Group Bible Study


Philippians by Matt Chandler


BASIC: Francis Chan

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Blemished – A study of the book of Malachi