Dog Wants a Kitty

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[Star Wars] Jedi Kittens


World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge – Carolina Reaper


Froggy Fresh – Street Rangers

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Greatest Home Run Call

Sermon Jams

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You’re Revolutionary

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You’re a Reformer

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Fear Not

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Jesus is Better – Caleb and Sol

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Memorizing Scripture – John Piper

Music Videos


Lecrae – All I Need Is You (@Lecrae @ReachRecords)


KB & Prisca – Kamikaze (@KB_HGA @reachrecords)

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Rend Collective – My Lighthouse

lybecker shipwreck music video

Lybecker – Ship Wreck

ok go music video

OK Go – The writing’s on the wall

Spoken Word


Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

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Darkness Is Losing | Jefferson Bethke

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Ezekiel Azonwu – Identity Crisis of a Misfit

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Look Up

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Forgiveness by Kezia

Clips that teach

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The Christian Fight | @whatisjoedoing @chaseGodtv

Biblical Theme: Heaven & Earth

Genesis Chapters 12-50

Genesis Chapters 1-11

Shot with a paintball for every curse word in a movie.


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PARENT MINISTRY TIP #9 – Be The Middle Man/Woman

PARENT MINISTRY TIP #7 – Default Setting for Hallway Convos

PARENT MINISTRY TIP #7 – Embrace All Kinds of Parents

PARENT MINISTRY TIP #6 – Post Event Parent Meeting

YS Idea Lab with Chap Clark: The Goal of Youth Ministry


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The Lord’s Prayer

Who Shall Separate Us Church Video

Skit Guys – The Skinny on Identity


Dear God…


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Heavy Bass 5 Minute Countdown

Church Pre-service Opener Video

In it To Win It (Minute To Win It Look alike) Countdown

5 minute countdown to worship

3 min Countdown – Rain

Church Service Intro

HD 5 Minute Countdowns (Over 20 of them!)

Are you smarter than a kids Sunday School class?

Church Music (Dance!) 4 Minute Countdown

Funny Countdown Video


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The Lord’s Prayer

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Who Shall Separate Us Church Video


Skit Guys – The Skinny on Identity

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Dear God…

Video Curriculums

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For Parents: Passing Down Faith

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PREPOSTEROUS (FREE) Small Group Bible Study


Philippians by Matt Chandler


BASIC: Francis Chan